Tyson Fury involved in huge brawl on WWE Raw

Tyson Furys look on WWE Raw ended in a brawl because he and security split Braun Strowman.
Fury was invited on the show night, after he had come to blows with Strowman on SmackDown past Friday an event that he was attending with members of his family.
And there was another head-to-head between both giants night too, with things reaching a boiling point when Fury taunted Strowman in regards to the lack of r title victories.
That proved too much for WWEsKiller One of Men, who started prior to being held back by members of their providers in-house safety group, to attack Fury.
Both men also did on many occasions, resulting in many members of these mens roster keep them apart and to emerge in the dressing area, and struggled to bypass the security.
Theres growing speculation that Fury and Strowman may have a wrestling game, perhaps as soon as the October 31 event in Saudi Arabia.

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