Time is now for Chargers’ Mike Williams ‘to step up’

In a seminal success for the Chargers in 2018, it was Mike Williams who came up clutch and produced in prime time.
Since the 2019 season inches closer, it’s Williams who will want to come up clutch and produce no matter what time as his function will undoubtedly increase with the Los Angeles crime.
Quite simply, as one Williams has departed, yet another Williams will arrive in his place.
«We lost a big weapon in Tyrell [Williams into the Raiders, so] many people in the area need to step up,» Mike Williams told reporters via the group website. «I feel like me being the player that I am, I feel as though I could do this… I feel as the function is going to change. I believe I’m going to get a lot more opportunities than I did last year. A good deal more balls coming my way. I am looking forward to it»
Within the data, there is plenty of evidence this Williams came up clutch lots of times this past year.
He was tops among all recipients with 83.7 percent of receptions heading for first downs and his nose for the end zone has been exhibited to the song of 11 total touchdowns.
His consistency wavered, though, because he had one grab or fewer in six matches. Then there was the aforementioned big game in prime time, as he hauled in a season-high seven catches for 76 yards and 2 touchdowns from the Chargers’ 29-28 triumph over the Chiefs in Week 14. He flashed brilliance, but also came up empty.
That will need to change as he probably unites Keenan Allen and Travis Benjamin in L.A.’s beginning receiver group.
At 6-foot-4 and 220 pounds, Williams is your prototypical NFL wideout. He’s been on the depth chart behind the likes of Allen and the other Williams. His numbers improved exponentially out of his rookie year to his sophomore season, rising from 11 catches for 95 yards in 10 games with one start to 43 catches for 664 yards and 10 receiving scores in 16 games with five starts. All of the signs are there to get a big leap for Williams in 2019, for example what he’s saying.
«Well, this is my third season going into the offense,» he explained. «I’m far more confident coming out here and playing. My role will expand with Tyrell leaving. I am excited about that. I am all set to make some plays this forthcoming season.»