The current national canada goose clearance pastime appears to

News Station Fakes "Kill a Cop" Protest

Slimy Baltimore FOX Affiliate Caught Faking "Kill a Cop" Protest Chant Last night, Baltimore's WBFF aired a video of protesters chanting "kill a cop"– evidence, it Canada Goose sale claimed, of murderously violent rhetoric on the part of anti-brutality buy canada goose jacket cheap protesters in Washington, D.C. The only problem? The protesters weren't chanting "kill a cop" at all, and there's video evidence to prove it.The current national canada goose clearance pastime appears to be constructing elaborate ways of laying responsibility Canada Goose online for recent police shootings at the feet of anti-police-brutality protesters. This, of course, is bullshit. Faced with the daunting task of shifting blame for broad canada goose replica and escalating canada goose outlet distrust of police away from the murderous bastards themselves and onto mostly non-violent activists, our insanely cynical news media has been forced to cheap Canada Goose dig deep into their bag of tricks.The rhetorical line has it that the all-too-recent lack of unequivocal support for police actions up canada goose coats on sale to buy canada goose jacket and including the murder of unarmed civilians in broad canada goose deals daylight has put rank-and-file cops at grave risk. Well you can just Canada Goose Outlet imagine how Canada Goose Parka much Canada Goose Coats On Sale more vulnerable they are when reckless cop-hating rioters canada goose store take to the streets and actively call for canada goose black friday sale the murder of police! Why, just listen to these hate-mongers!What you are hearing there is a protester in Washington, D.C. shout the following chant:We can't stop! Canada Goose Jackets We won't stop! 'til killer cops are in cell blocks! Not a particularly provocative chant, all things considered: protesters are announcing their intention canadian goose jacket to continue organizing until murderous police officers are put in jail. Fair enough!That is, until Baltimore's local FOX affiliate got their hands on canada goose coats this video.Here's canada goose clearance sale their interpretation of it:We can't stop! We won't stop! So kill a cop! Canada Goose Online By cutting away from the video mid-chant, FOX's segment paints protestors as explicitly canada goose calling for the murder of police. They've depicted a non-violent protest about accountability for police brutality as a bloodthirsty mob.