The ad, which promised to pay $300 per week and provide a

canada goose Ohio Serial Killer Lured Victims Using Job Ad On Craiglist Mandi Woodruff Dec. 2, 2011, 10:28 AM <a href="!5792788/five-best-job-search-sites"> via Lifehacker</a> Job hunters became hunted themselves in a cruel twist of events, reported by the NYT. Three unemployed men thought they’d found the answer to their money woes in a Craigslist ad offering cash for a job looking after a 688-acre farm. Instead, they wound up dead, their bodies buried in a shallow grave on the outskirts of the supposed farmland they thought they’d be tending. The ad canada goose outlet , which promised to pay $300 per week and provide a trailer and unlimited fish privileges, was picked up by online job sites and attracted more than 100 responses, The New York Times’ Erica Goode reported. The bodies were discovered after a fourth would-be victim hired by the perp managed to escape the property after he was shot in the arm. Turns out the farmland wasn’t a farm at all, but belonged to a coal company, and there’s no telling how many more bodies could be found. Two suspects are in custody, including Richard J. Beasley , 52, and Brogan Rafferty, a 16-year-old high school student. The NYT spoke with Beasley’s mother, who maintained her son’s innocence. «We never saw anything in Richard that was violent,» she told the Times. «I hope the courts will see the truth.» The motive behind the murders has yet to be found, but the victims all shared common traits: They were loners, meaning their disappearances would have likely gone unnoticed. Now see 17 jobs that make the most in tips > canada goose parka