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Akinbiyi stages sit-in Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Book Bags to budge Rudge

Ade Akinbiyi has staged a sit-in protest in the office of John Rudge, Stoke City’s director of football store, in an attempt to resolve his long-running dispute over a contract extension.

When the striker refused to budge, Best Prada Outlet In Italy Rudge finally acceded to Akinbiyi’s demand that he be allowed to speak to Gunnar Gislason, Stoke’s Icelandic chairman, and discuss not only his personal situation but the contractual grievances of several team-mates.

“I’ve been into John’s office every day for the past few weeks and each time I’ve been told to come back tomorrow,” Akinbiyi said. “I finally decided to make a silent protest and insist on speaking to the chairman myself.

“So I sat myself down in John’s office, made myself comfortable and refused to move. After about an hour, just as I was about to doze off to sleep, John finally gave in and agreed to call Best Prada Outlet In Italy the chairman.”

Akinbiyi – dubbed “Shockinbuyi” after a £5m move from Wolves to Leicester City five years ago that was to prove largely responsible for costing Peter Taylor his job as City’s manager – appears to represent senior Authentic Prada Handbags For Cheap players at the club, expressing dressing-room Authentic Prada Handbags Usa disquiet that began with a row about bonuses with Stoke’s owners last summer.

Although Akinbiyi, who has 18 months remaining on his contract, failed to talk Gislason into extending it, he felt they had a “positive and productive” conversation.

After beginning their Championship campaign in promotion form Stoke have recently lost five successive league games – amid mounting disquiet among several first-team players whose contracts expire in June but who have not yet been offered new deals.

Akinbiyi, believed to earn up to £5,000 a week, is almost certainly Stoke’s best-remunerated player and, unlike most colleagues, is independently wealthy, having commanded £15,000 a week at Leicester and £10,000 a week at Palace.

Shortly after he revealed details of the sit-in on his personal website Black Prada Chain Bag yesterday, Sheffield United tabled their third offer for the 30-year-old. It matched Wigan Athletic’s latest bid, said United’s manager Neil Warnock, “but it is nothing like the £625,000 reported in some newspapers”.

Though undoubtedly tempted by Wigan Biggest Prada Outlet In Italy and Sheffield United, Akinbiyi is loth to part company with Tony Pulis, the Stoke manager who Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Online Shop has Alex Pradas Quiles done much to rebuild his confidence.

Apparently unruffled by the occupation of his office, Rudge said: “Ade is a very important player for us and has done exceptionally well here. He gets on very Authentic Prada Milano Handbags well with Tony Pulis, who gets the best out of him.”

“I expect the players to express themselves on an off the pitch,” Pulis said. “But I’m going to have a meeting with all the lads and say, enough is enough, we’ve got to draw a line under this.”