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Lee Cattermole’s tackle could have ended my career, says Luka Modric

Luka Modric has accused the Sunderland captain, Lee Cattermole, of putting his career at risk with the studs-up tackle that he said could have broken his leg at White Hart Lane last night.

The Tottenham Hotspur midfielder said Cattermole ought to have been sent off for the 69th-minute challenge, which sparked a mêlée between players from both teams and a post-match disagreement between the managers.

Tottenham’s Harry Redknapp described the tackle as “over-the-top” and a “bad one” that merited a red card, while his Sunderland counterpart, Steve Bruce, said the challenge had been “fair”. Bruce noted that Cattermole had taken the ball before he cleaned out Modric with his robust follow-through.

Howard Webb related website, the referee, booked Cattermole and he has told the FA that he had a clear view of the incident Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Shop Online and was happy with his decision. He did not report the subsequent mêlée nor the manner in which he was confronted by a group of Spurs players in the wake of his decision to ignore David Bentley’s penalty appeal. No further action will therefore be taken.

“Players need to think before they make challenges like that,” Modric said, when he was asked about Cattermole’s challenge, “because you are talking about your fellow professionals. They can ruin their careers. They just need to think about Authentic Prada Shoes Outlet it before they make these tackles.

“I think he [Cattermole] should have been sent off. There is big swelling on my knee, I could show you. He should have had a red card but the referee decided differently and that’s it. Always when you see tackles like that, you are a bit upset. If they are not punished properly, then you are even more so, but what can you do?”

Modric suffered a broken leg at the beginning of last season against Birmingham Authentic Prada Messenger Bag For Sale City, after a seemingly innocuous collision with Lee Bowyer and he was out of action for three and a half months. He suggested that only his quick thinking and self-preservation instinct saved him from a similar fate.

“If I had stayed with my legs on the floor, then probably it would have been even worse but I jumped at the last second,” Modric said. “That probably saved me. Thank God, I Bicester Village Prada Refund wasn’t injured.”

Modric, who was able to carry on, was asked whether he felt that the game’s creative players enjoyed sufficient protection. “It’s hard to talk about it,” he said. “Maybe they need to get more protection from tackles and stuff like that. We need more protection.”

Cattermole was sent off on the opening day of the season against Birmingham for two bookable offences and when, after serving a one-game suspension, he earned the same fate in Sunderland’s fourth Premier League match, against his former club Wigan, he found himself at his lowest ebb. It was the fifth dismissal of his career and he said that he locked himself away Best Prada Outlet In Florence and did not talk to anybody Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Online Shopping for days. He served a two-game ban.

Bruce, though, is his biggest supporter. He signed him during his time Are Prada Mens Shoes Worth It at Wigan and then took him to Sunderland after he moved there himself in the summer of last year. Bruce had no hesitation in naming the 22-year-old as his captain but he fears that Cattermole has become a target for referees. He does not, though, want him to lose the fire in his belly.

The Sunderland winger Bolo Zenden has entered the controversy over the non-penalty award by suggesting that Bentley Authentic Prada Factory Outlet Online did dive. Zenden slid in on the Tottenham Bicester Village Prada Store Number midfielder early in the Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada E Shop second-half, with the score at 0-0 – the game would finish 1-1 – and he made contract with him and not the ball. But Bentley seemed to begin his tumble before the contact from Zenden and Webb booked him for simulation.

“I slid in but I pulled the brake on and I believe that the player went down already a little bit,” Zenden said. “Let’s face it, the decision could have gone both ways but I have to admit that as I went in, I put on the brakes and pulled my leg back and he still went down.”


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