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Taxman tells Authentic Prada Outlet Uk County: pay up fast or face administration

Show me the money: that was the taxman’s response to Peter Are Prada Handbags Cheaper In Italy Trembling’s claim that he has found investment which secures the future of his football club, Notts County.

County have repaid almost half of the £600,000 owing to HM Bicester Village Prada Online Revenue & Customs but, with Trembling, their executive chairman, refusing to reveal the identity of his “investor”, even that was not enough to placate the taxman.

Instead in the high court yesterday HMRC merely agreed Authentic Prada Wallet For Sale Philippines to a 28-day deferment, sparing County administration for one month only. The court registrar has marked the 24 February repayment deadline “final”. “There is a £324,206 debt with HMRC and current debts outside of that for this company,” said counsel for the taxman. “We are asking for 28 days’ adjournment and for the case to be marked final. The company must appreciate this.”

HMRC was not the only creditor at the winding-up hearing yesterday and Marston’s plc, the brewer owed £95,000 by County, yesterday dismissed Authentic Prada Purses Sale Trembling’s talk Authentic Prada Leather Handbags as mere “rumour”. “There is a rumour that £5m has been injected in the club,” Bergdorf Goodman Prada Mens Shoes counsel for Marston’s told the court yesterday. “But even that might go to pay player salaries and, if they pay HMRC or the player Authentic Prada Leather Handbags salaries, then that is material to us. We have to put pressure on this company.”

Marston’s has clearly done its maths. If, somehow replica prada saffiano totes, County win their FA Cup replay against Wigan Athletic and their game against Fulham in round five Bergdorf Goodman Prada Mens Shoes is televised, they will be in for a TV-and-prize-money windfall of £337,000: just enough to cover HMRC’s claim.

Trembling and his associates have gambled with the future of County for the past eight months.

In the absence of a new investor all he would be left with is a simple punt on results.

A softer line for Chester

A quirk of the courts listing service yesterday provided an interesting perspective on how hardline HMRC is being despite Notts County’s protestations of a “secure” future. Chester City, who have not paid players since November and whose previous owner, Stephen Vaughan, failed the FA’s fit-and-proper-persons test, clearly have difficulties. Unlike Notts County they have made it clear that HMRC cannot hope to get 100p in the pound for its £26,125 debt in their company voluntary arrangement. Yet without apparently even a “rumour” of £5m of investment, HMRC was willing to adjourn that case for 42 days – two weeks beyond Trembling’s deadline.

Is Fergie on his way out?

So, despite the BSkyB group contributing about £50m to Manchester United last season, Sky Sports News will be banned from the club’s training-ground press conference on Friday. This is perfectly within United’s rights, since Premier League contracts stipulate only that a manager must attend pre- and post-match interviews; build-up press conferences are exempt. But perhaps the growing irascibility of the United manager shows he is feeling the pressure after the financial constraints he is operating under were laid naked last week. If so, it gives greater credence to the gossip that next season – or even this – will be his last.

IOC devoted Authentic Prada Shoes For Sale to Devo

Q: Are we not men? A: We are Devo! So says the 1978 album by the eponymous Devo, left, whom the International Olympic Committee has signed up to perform at the winter Games in Vancouver next month. For those of you who, like Digger, would have to Google their name to have a clue who they were, Devo are an American synth-rock band, best known for the 1980 “hit” Whip It, which reached the dizzy heights of No14 in the US chart. Money must be tight.

Kroenke coughs up

Stan Kroenke yesterday told the stockmarket he has paid the £23m he owed Danny Fiszman and Richard Carr for Arsenal shares he assumed last year. With Alisher Usmanov accusing Kroenke of engaging in a so-called illicit concert party with Fiszman, it will be significant to the Takeover Panel’s monitoring of Kroenke’s activities at Arsenal.

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