Of course, this means that they decide that he must die for it

Bare Your Midriff: Zephy sometimes dresses like this, as seen on her biography page, while Meredith dresses this way all the time. Burger Fool: In the June 2013 strip, Zephy (reluctantly) takes a job at a sub sandwich shop called Sub Your Way. Celebrity Resemblance: The character design for Geoff Hanson, Vicki’s seldom seen boss, is based on Drew Carey the resemblance ends there. It’s very much an EIEIO. Worthy Opponent: The drug traffickers respect Gerry’s integrity. Of course, this means that they decide that he must die for it. Drinking Game: Done in story, with the Back to the Future quote a long. Invoked Drives Like Crazy: Averted. TJ even mentions how super slow and careful Amal is driving most of the time. Drew to listen, he’ll say: «OK, Drew. Dig.». To which Drew will reply (if he wants to listen): «Dig.» Announcer Dawson adding an H to the beginning of the word «enter» during commercial plugs, based on his once messing it up that way.

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