» MacCallum introduced the child’s father and Father Pavone who

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cheap moncler outlet In the «tease» for MacCallum’s segment (the 8th Fox piece within a month), Steve Doocy claimed that the Canadian hospital «wanted Baby Joseph to die.» (Should there be any question about why this hospital was receiving death threats?) Right out of the starting gate, Martha MacCallum promoted the propaganda when she referred, in keeping with the rhetoric being espoused by «pro life» media and «Priests for Life,» to Baby Joseph’s «overnight rescue.» She promoted a Pavone lie when she claimed that this «rescue» was done «just hours before he was to be pulled off moncler outlet online store of life support.» Fact Check «The family’s lawyer said that «Joseph’s physical moncler jackets on sale condition remains «status quo» and he will remain on a ventilator pending the hearing by the Ontario Court of Appeal.» Fact Check Despite Pavone’s fantasy about a super secret «covert mission,» the «family’s lawyer Claudio Martini noted Sunday’s transfer was not as dramatic as portrayed by Father Pavone and his Priests for Life group, who used the phrase ‘under the cover of darkness.’ The London hospital responded promptly to the family’s discharge request, Mr. Martini said.» MacCallum introduced the child’s father and Father Pavone who «saved Baby Joseph’s life.» MacCallum said «good to have you here.» Moe womens moncler jackets Maraachli said that the baby will «get treatment» in the US. Factcheck the hospital is considering doing a tracheotomy so that the baby can go to a skilled nursing facility. cheap moncler outlet

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