It was bone dry all last fall and winter (2013 2014)

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cheap jordans from china On the other side of the coin, we have just had the driest year EVER (2013 2014). One meteorologist thinks it was the driest for the last thousand years. The driest year also included the coldest spell in the last 15 years, 12F for several nights in a row. We suffered significant plant damage. We spent all our money on the roof. We lost most of our cuttings because I was spending all my time on the roof. A giant oak tree next to our house fell while we were watching, right out of the blue. So, instead of putting up the gutters and trim, I got to clean up load after load of limbs, leaves, and firewood. For the calendar year of 2013, we got less than six inches. It was bone dry all last fall and winter (2013 2014), maybe 3 inches total until February. We got so little rain that the grass did not germinate in the fall. No one has ever seen that. It was gray/brown all winter when it is ordinarily rich green in the hills and valleys, except for the deciduous trees of course. The water table kept falling all winter. By early summer, the level had fallen 4 feet lower than normal. We have a very shallow aquifer (10 to 30ft), so our water flow was cut in half. We had to throttle back our pumps to keep from pumping air. That meant there wasn enough water to operate the sprinklers properly, so we had to hand water thousands of trees 4 hours a day, every day, all summer long cheap jordans from china.