If you’re a soccer fan then you already know that things aren’t so interesting for you if you are residing in the US.
Surethere are soccer leagues you can wager on but they simply can’t get to the playing degree of European football leagues.
For quick playing style, you would bet about the Spanish league known as La Liga.
But if you’re more interested in quality gameplay then you likely would have to go with the English Premier League.
Now we’ll demonstrate how you can bet about the Premier League in the USA in addition to some other small useful pieces of advice.
The way to wager on the premier league from the usa
The Premier League
What is now known as the Premier League has only been around for 25 years.
Since it was decided from the top teams to distinguish themselves on their own upper-class division, football in England has obtained enormous proportions and fame all around the world.
The Premier League is comprised of 20 teams each playing the other 19, two times per season.
One in their hometown and one at another team’s stadium. Every one of the teams are based in England except from a single which comes from Wales.
Obviously, this ratio isn’t always standard as it is based on the number of Welsh teams which manage to get promoted into Premier League in the lower divisions.
5 Bookmakers That Accept US Punters
Whenever you’re an American punter betting on soccer or some other sport popular in Europe then things are not so dandy for you.
That occurs mainly because of two reasons.
To begin with, the state you reside in prohibits online betting and second, most major bookmakers don’t even accept US-based punters, to begin with.
Lucky for you we did our comprehensive research and came up with a listing of the best 5 bookmakers that do take US punters.
So without further ado let’s jump right to the five entrances.
1. Intertops
The first bookmakers which have been around for at least 20 years and their motto is»Trust the initial».
Even though their site went online in 1996 for the first time, their company was established back in 1983.
With so many years of experience under their belt, the capability to accept US punters couldn’t be missing.
They do offer an online casino and a multiplayer Poker stage but in which they really take the cake is their own Sportsbook.
There you may bet on a big variety of sports and as it had been expected Soccer is among them.
They provide great bonuses, especially on their Sportsbook business. You even have the ability to choose among those 3 sign-up bonuses you enjoy the most.
The Rookie200 provides a 200% match bonus up to 50$, the Rookie100 a 100% match bonus up to 100$, and also last the Rookie50 that delivers a 50% match bonus heading as large as 200$. They’ve an 6, 8, and 4 times rollover respectively.
Additional their site is totally mobile friendly so you can get their games from your tablet or smartphone anytime.
On their soccer section, you’ve got many betting possibilities to select from besides just who is going to win a game.
You can bet on the half-time result, a number of aims to be coped, the period of the first goal and Lots of others.hoe to bet about the premier league from the usa
2. Bovada
This is the No.1 online gambling site based in the usa and there is a very good reason as to why this occurs.
They’ve been around for many years and their game selection, in addition to their bonuses and promotions, are excellent.
Bovada doesn’t accept players in New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada, New York, and Maryland.
In your very first deposit in their Sportsbook, you will be awarded a 50% match bonus up to 250$.
This has a 5x times rollover only if you are supposed to bet it on sport, that is.
It is possible to wager on many sports such as football, football, baseball and even some fairly rare ones to watch on a Sportsbetting site such as cricket, golf, and boxing alongside a significant collection of additional of course.
On soccer, you can put money on the league matches and the gambling options you are more than 45 for each match.
You can place bets on European or international competitions like the UEFA Champions League and also the Europa League, too.
Another thing to know is that Bovada also accepts Bitcoin as a kind of currency so if you’re among those men and women who value anonymity more than anything else while they’re gambling online then this website is the one for you!
How to wager on the best league from the usa
If you have been gambling on sports online for some time now you need to know who they are.
One of the greatest sports betting platforms on the Internet with several years of expertise, Bookmaker also offers an internet casino and Racebook.
If it comes to their Sportsbook the design is similar to that of Bovada’s.
There is an extensive number of sports choices to put bets on such as some pretty rare ones such as esports and darts championship.
They have excellent welcome bonuses. On the Sportsbook, you can get a 15% match bonus up to 2,500$. If you combine their site as a whole you can get a 50% bonus and a 50 percent casino bonus every going as high as 300$.
They also accept Bitcoin and the bonuses should you use that as a currency are incredibly significant. Additional there’s a reward program in which you earn points by placing stakes.
Finally, their client service support has a live chat feature which is a fairly nice extra issue to have available in case you need instant help with something.
The site is suitable mostly for high-rollers due to the very high limits on bets but newcomers are also welcome.
4. 5Dimes
Appealing design elements might not be this online casino strong suit but if we are referring to variety they come .
Their motto is»More than 1000 wagering options — every day!» And they certainly do live up to their claim. Online casino games, live casino, lottery, a Racebook, Bingo, Poker and also the list of available sections goes on and on.
In their Sportsbook, you can find a wide selection of available kinds of sports such as of course football.
Learning how to wager on the best league from the USA should be a stroll in the park if you use their stage.
The minimum wager is the sole 50c but the deposit is somewhat high, 50$ that’s. According to your selected method of depositing cash and the selected amount you will be awarded a bonus up to 500$. The best thing? This is not a first deposit bonus but a reload one!
The site also supports the mobile usage and various reward programs as well.
How to bet on the best league from the usa
5. MyBookie
Another gem of online sports betting. As soon as the site loads up you will be welcomed with a tempting»100% sign-up bonus».
Furthermore, they also give an online casino alternative using a live casino and a Racebook.
The aesthetically pleasing layout of the site makes betting there an unforgettable experience.
In their Sportsbook, you will find whatever you’re searching for such as the usual sports like football, NBA, and football as well as some never seen before things like another Pope special!?
Well, that is something you do not see daily.
Each time you deposit money you become eligible for a 25% reload bonus up to 500$.
There’s also a 200$ referral application. When you play on such a site the promotions simply won’t flowing in.
Keep in mind that MyBookie is one of the largest bookmakers in the world that accept US players.
So that you don’t need to be concerned at all about gambling on their stage as you’re entirely safe while doing this dependent on the simple fact they are completely trustworthy and reliable.
How to wager about the best league in the usa
Why Bet On Your Premier League
Now that we have mentioned the best 5 Bookmakers that accept punters from the USA we will explain to you why you can, and should bet on the Premier League.
Let’s talk about numbers, shall we?
Premier League is the football league with the largest total club earnings in the entire wide world.
In the previous season, each of the 20 different teams has been awarded 35# million only for participating.
Add to that another 1# million for overall rights into the highlights of those matches, another 1# million for each live game broadcast inside the united kingdom, and finally 39# million to all overseas rights.
However, they gotmore, money as those were not enough that they also got nearly another 5million for commercial rights and some more money depending on their end position of the year.
You can now just imagine how good are the odds when you gamble on Premier League as in order for them to have the ability to hand out these intense amounts of cash to the teams they need to make money themselves.
Your odds of earning very good money from gambling on the Premier League are incredibly high.
Top Five Teams In The Premier League
Let us see which the top five teams in the Premier League are and why you should probably bet some money on these.
1. Manchester United
The Red Devils are the record holders to its most Championship wins in Premier League with an incredible 13 names at the 25 years the league is present.
Since Sir Alex Ferguson, their manager for at least 25 years, retired that they haven’t won one, however, in the previous 4 seasons.
Still, they are one of the best teams you can place money on as they are one of the best 3 clubs in the Premier League up for this day.
2. Manchester City
Back in 2008, the Blues were purchased by Sheikh Mansour who has a net worth of over 17billion.
It was expected that the team’s level would rise also. Just 3 years afterwards they were able to become champions after a 44-year lack from the very best place.
Money talks in that case because their teams’ worth has gone from 200$ million to some loony high 900$ thousand during the course of a couple decades.
Currently, they are in the first place of the standings and are a good and safe gaming choice >>
The way to wager about the best league from the usa
3. Chelsea
They have won 2 out of the previous 3 seasons.
The Pensioners may maintain the 5th place now but they had a bad start after all. After Manchester United they possess the most league champions titles, 5 to be exact.
They might not be in their very best shape this year but they’re a fantastic team to put some cash on for certain.
4. Tottenham
The Spurs have never won a championship title but over the course of the last four to five years, they’ve constantly been in the top five teams in the Premier League.
They now are in the 3rd place only behind Manchester City and Manchester United. They are definitely worth some money to be wager on their name.
5. Arsenal
Last but not least are The Gunners. Behind Manchester United and Chelsea they are the third best team in the Premier League championship title-wise.
They’ve won 3 championships and are currently on a terrible streak since they are in the 6th place.
There you have it, folks, you wished to know how to bet on the Premier League in the USA and who to bet on.
We hoped we gave an answer to both of those questions you had.
No matter which bookmaker and staff you choose to place bets on they are all great choices.
We wish you the staff you place a wager on may win.
Fantastic luck on your Premier League gaming experiences you American punters!

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