“Hammond, who previously suffered brain injuries and nearly

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canada goose outlet It was really bad.”They were staggered he had got out of it alive, because there was just nothing left. Everyone is so relieved. If Richard had been a few seconds slower getting out, he would have been incinerated.”Hammond, who previously suffered brain injuries and nearly died after a 288mph dragster accident in 2006, was last night in a stable condition in hospital.It is understood the accident happened at 3.15pm local time, just seconds after he had finished the time trial.Ambulances rushed to the scene and firefighters had to put out the blaze.Hammond will need knee surgery after sustaining a broken leg in the smashOn Friday, the day before the crash, Jeremy Clarkson put out a tweet appealing for some mystery car parts.Writing on Twitter he said: “Cash waiting for anyone who can get one of these to southern Switzerland asap. canada goose outlet

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