Energy supplier portals, temperature loggers and smartphone

Thinking about a sustainable retrofit

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The next point is basic knowledge about your climate zone. For cheap jordans sale instance, in Melbourne there cheap jordans for sale are more heating days (159) than cooling days (35). So, if you are retrofitting in summer, remember the main annual task is actually letting the sun in in winter. In many homes ceiling insulation is cheap and easy to fit and can even be topped up. Insulated homes have also been found to perform better during extreme weather events and are quieter, more comfortable and natural places to be.

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cheap jordan shoes free shipping While these preventive passive measures might seem basic, the fact is that (a) technologies, cheap jordan sneakers markets and pricing are changing rapidly, so it makes sense to be open to new retrofitting ideas and products; and (b) comfort remains the big ticket item and it will only get more so as climate change affects all of our homes. Addressing this first will reduce the requirement for other technologies and appliances. cheap jordan shoes free shipping

Another area of technology progress is digital data systems to monitor indoor cheap Air max shoes energy services. Energy supplier portals, temperature loggers and smartphone apps are now widely available.

For the more enthusiastic, if you buy a couple of temperature loggers and place one in your main living area and one in your main bedroom you can collect data cheap jordans online at intervals as small cheap adidas as one second. You can use this data to identify how your house is performing and how you are using it. More importantly, you cheap air force can satisfy yourself that the retrofit you just paid for has made a difference.

We only covered a few focus areas in this article. There are many good options we haven dealt with. However, we propose three principles for any retrofit project:

prioritise big ticket items (such as thermal comfort) what do you need most and what uses the most energy? to plan and design around your climate zone and home needs

cheap jordans com real prevention is better than cure focus on passive elements before turning to appliances cheap jordans com real

cheap jordans retro 5 diversity is better than standardisation don aim for 21 aim for controllable comfort, openable windows and adjustable systems room by room. Design in easy adjustment through movable technologies such as fans, curtains, plants and shades. cheap jordans retro 5

cheap jordans retro 13 With all the hard work done, it time to sit back and enjoy the new indoor environment, but be aware that, as with our climate, our conventions, routines and expectations of comfort are constantly changing. cheap jordans retro 13

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cheap jordans under $50 Undoubtedly, as consumption patterns change and social standards shift, we will need to adjust our eco retrofit priorities. Homes are not just a material work in progress, but are sites of social and cultural life after all cheap jordans under $50.