David Gough felt no pressure while refereeing All-Ireland final

David Gough, who refereed the drawn All-Ireland final, » when officiating the match of the year he felt no pressure.
A lot of the attention from the build-up into the game was together with a few pundits suggesting as he’s based in Dublin he should not have been named.
When 3:30pm on September 1 arrived, he still felt no stress.
«It is actually another match,» Gough told The Six O’Clock Show.
«I had spent the week ahead with a sports psychologist who’d prepared me for that instant. He just made it.
«[The GAA] have given referees accessibility to sports pros in the past number of years. It is huge for us that we’re in a position to proceed and visualise things in games that will help us prepare for the game. We actually do want it, and it is a fantastic tool to have in our pockets.
«I just couldn’t wait to get onto the pitch and throw the ball up. Everything else fades into the background after that. The noise in the stadium, the entire capacity, you do not notice anything concerning it. You’ve 70 to 80 minutes of concentration. You see colors, numbers, jerseys. You don’t even recognise the gamers, so that I did not feel any anxiety going whatsoever.»
The consensus following the match was so that he made the correct calls for the choices that are large, but Gough made it obvious that he doesn’t listen to the opinions of anybody.
He noted:»I don’t listen to some of the analysis. I really don’t watch back the match that has any analysts’ comment. I see back the game myself, with my microphone played over it that is given to us by Croke Park. So I do not really get trapped in some of the comment whatsoever.
«It’s really nice for me personally to be able to sit down and watch a match and focus on what I did and what I performed, how I talked to both players and the way they talked to me.»
The Conor Lane of cork will take control of the replay on Saturday.
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