BUT This guy doesn own any record labels

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luxury replica bags Do purse replica handbags any of you see what the fuck Designer Replica Bags this REALLY is. Be careful with involving your feelings in this either way. From a black OR white perspective its meant to piss you off. BUT This guy doesn own any record labels, or distribution, or video production companies. He doesn even control his own budget. U think replica handbags china he came up with he storyboard for this? Who is the director? Who wrote the treatment. Who is the team at the label that came up with this? Who gave the green light on this video to even be made, published, distributed online?? I don listen to this little MF myself. His music is shit to me. But I don own thousands or radio stations and a media machine that has thousands of employees to make shit like this happen. Neither does HE. Wake up people and stop drinking the cool aid please luxury replica bags.