But further, that it doesn makes sense to limit this neutral

Spinoza builds off the last solution and says that it is the deity that causes both redness and the photon to be manifested in the world. But further, that it doesn makes sense to limit this neutral third thing to only two aspects. In fact, there are an infinite number of aspects of which the mental and physical are only two.

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America had just been through the massive upheaval of social revolutions, the vietnam war and the hippie movement, and carter was going on tv telling people that the bad times were gonna keep coming and that people needed to start preparing for worse. The american people dont want harsh realities and complicated planning ahead, they want a confident figure to go on stage and tell them that their problems are going to be solved and that its as simple as (insert vague policy goal here). They dont want to hear legislation details, they want 30 second sound bites that make them feel good.

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