Brought to you by Evangelicals

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Proof? You calling me blind and ignorant but no one yet has presented any proof that those buildings produced those toxins, and I honestly haven seen any absolute proof that it was Assad that deployed it. All we know is that we were shown pictures of buildings, and that people were injured by chlorine gas uk moncler sale and even the presence of a nerve agent «with» the chlorine gas has not been confirmed by any reputable source yet! And I can produce chlorine gas with cleaners I get cheap moncler sale from the grocery store. so I the ignorant one, when I ask for proof before we blow something up? Your proof, please. Or back off.

I used to fly quite a bit, but I don anymore, too many issues with my spine. That being said, the last few times I flew, NO one onboard in seats ahead of me was paying attention to the flight attendant. I was curious because even though I seen the uk moncler outlet presentation a couple of hundred times, I still watch it. «No excuses for safety» I always say. I have enjoyed the Southwest safety briefings, the few times I was on Southwest they always made it funny.

I dunno, YMMV.

The joke I making is that there are a lot of people born into wealth moncler sale online with every advantage on the planet including parents that just can seem to grasp why the rest of us live we way we do. Take Ivanka Trump. Back her up to the day of conception, have her conceived and born in some native village in the Amazon and then see how successful she is. Even Warren Buffett once said his success was as much luck as anything else, because he moncler outlet sale was born into a society where his skills were valuable. If he had to take those same skills and survive in an Indonesian jungle, he be one dead critter. Luck of birth is how most millionaires and billionaires are successful, moncler uk outlet not «hard work and dedication». The investment banker who makes 100 times more than a trauma cheap moncler jackets nurse at a hospital does not work 100 times harder for it, but that the rhetoric they sell to people. You poor because you don work hard enough.

And that my sarcastic joke I making.

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Everyone pays Social Security and Medicare taxes. In exchange, they are promised defined, future benefits. If you pay Medicare tax on 40 quarters moncler womens jackets of work, working 20hours a week at minimum wage, you get the EXACT SAME health coverage at age 65 that someone who cheap moncler maxed out contributions to Medicare for 50 years gets. Is that fair? Why is no one complaining about THAT inequity?

Income tax is paid with no specific promise of return. Why would people who pay little to no income tax expect lower taxes? If you pay nothing, it can really get any lower, except thanks to the EITC, their taxes can already negative, and they collect money they never even paid in. It moncler outlet woodbury not a refund, it a cash welfare stipend.

It stands to reason that the people moncler usa who are taxed the most would reap most of the benefits of a tax cut.

They really don care. He a Conservative moncler online store and even if he murdered their children with an axe, moncler outlet store right in front of them, they simply «ask the lord to forgive him» and ask him to for supper. It hard to fathom the brainwashing that most of them have gone through, but they seriously are a cult these days. Brought to you by Evangelicals, who tell their people that as long as you a Conservative, you can cheap moncler jackets womens literally be forgiven for ANY crime you commit. But if you anything but a Conservative, BURN IN HELL HERETIC!!!!!

EDIT: «him» to «them», not the first time I made that dumb mistake

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Apparently he been in medical studies all his life and the doctors don think it berserk glands or anything. His father was very tall, his mother was six foot one, and they think he just large because his parents were large. They not seeing signs of hormones out of control. I was surprised too. his neck looks a lot longer than it should be, from the pictures but maybe it just bad video. The kid is a straight A student though and speaks six languages, three of the fluently. I hope he does well in life.

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I seen similar. moncler sale outlet A flight at Kimpo best moncler jackets back in January 1985 (or was it 86, can recall for certain) ran off the runway during a blizzard and stuck the moncler outlet nose gear in a benjo ditch, blocked cheap moncler coats mens off the runway for about 7 hours while they went out there and got it out of there. I remember spending those 7 hours on the plane because they kept telling people «Any minute, we get clearance» but we never got clearance and they finally canceled the flight and put us up in hotels for the evening. Kimpo was crazy for a couple of days there.

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You might be able to request some information through the Freedom of Information Act. The U 2 aircraft discount moncler jackets he worked on have all been replaced by now with either newer models or even the TR 1, and the SR 71s have all been decommissioned with maybe an exception of one for NASA. I don see where anything could still be classified when it comes to maintenance records and given moncler outlet prices the nature of those aircraft and what they did, someone probably has the data on cheap moncler jackets mens microfiche if it hasn been digitized. Most likely it out there, but you need to contact the Department of Defense good place to start and have his name and service number available. You might need to prove you his moncler sale grandchild as well, not sure. But if you have your ducks in a row you might be able to retrieve a lot of moncler outlet online information. Can say what you get, but it worth a shot.

The worst they can say is «We couldn find anything», and it cost you nothing to find that out. 0 points submitted 4 days ago

Awful convenient for Trump though, wouldn you say? Especially since at least on 3 occasions he tweeted and bleated that Obama shouldn attack Syria over Assad use of chemical weapons on Syrian people. He said things like «nothing would be accomplished» and it would «raise the deficit» and «it would lead to many people getting hurt» his words, back then. So why now is he for it, do you think?

And we been told by Republican administrations in the past that they had proof positive that Saddam Hussein had WMDs. Absolute proof. that mysteriously evaporated under examination.