Atlanta Hawks: 100-1

We make a jump one doesn’t feel enough.
Ahead of Al Horford went down with (another) torn pectoral final season, Mike Budenholzer’s birds were 16-13, looking like the third-best team from the East. After losing its very best player, Atlanta shut out the year with a 22-31 mark.
Obviously, because the East was the East, the Hawks made the playoffs.
This year, Horford is looking just nice in preseason play and healthy . Additionally, Paul Millsap is currently playing for a contract, Jeff Teague remains among the league’s least talents and Thabo Sefolosha is presently in town to bring a few stifling perimeter protection.
Nobody is saying the Hawks are a bunch of world-beaters, but they feel like postseason locks. And they may very well finish one of the conference’s top four.
In the minimum, they will jack a ton of threes (just the Houston Rockets attempted more in 2013-14) and also take care of the ball (Atlanta’s assist-to-turnover ratio had been next best at the East). That’s a recipe for success.
Don’t sleep on the Hawks.

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