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moncler outlet online Gretchen Carlson clearly said, yesterday, during cheap moncler coats for women her interview with Jason moncler outlet online store Moore, that “one of the proposed changes is to actually start history class in 1877.” Note she stated that this buy moncler jackets toronto was a “proposed change” and not a suggested one. On Monday’s Fox Friends, during their interview with Jonathan Saenz of the Liberty Legal Institue, one of the chyrons clearly stated “Forget cheap moncler jackets wholesale the Founding Fathers, TX Proposal Could Start History at 1877.” Obviously the word “could” moncler jacket outlet is suggestive; but it was a totally erroneous “suggestion” as, according to the material from the Texas Education Association, moncler jackets canada at no time was this ever “suggested.” At no point, during any of the Fox Friends discussions, was North moncler outlet online Carolina mentioned. In fact, the only reference I saw about this was in one of the responses, on Free Republic, to Professor Schweikart’s request for information. moncler outlet online

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buy moncler jackets Former Miss America, Gretchen Carlson, was all moncler coats cheap smiley faced (as opposed to the frowny face she had with Christopher Hitchens). She introduced her report by referencing the two “stay at home moms ” who “have launched a website that sells merchandise with a cool, conservative slogon.” The chyron read “Activism On Your Sleeve, Stylish Message Tees For Conservative Women.” She added that the moms were inspired by the big Tea Party March in Washington last year and “felt the voices of conservative women were ignored.” (I could go on about “traditionalist” conservative patriarchy; but that’s another topic!) She displayed a poll that showed that Tea Party participants were split 55% women/45% men and commented that “at least moncler jackets kids they can now represent in style.” In her best cutsey voice, Carlson introduced the Minnesota moms (just like Gretchen) who own “Cool, Conservative Gear.” The gals giggled and joked about what one wears to a protest. moncler jackets men Non stay at home mom, Carlson, said that when you go to the mall, you can find liberal gear. buy moncler jackets

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moncler outlet store This morning, former weather guy Steve Doocy reported that Adams will moncler jackets cheap be testifying today and referenced Adams allegation that he was forced to drop the voter intimidation charges against the New Black Panthers. Doocy then asserted that Fox has been covering moncler coats outlet this from day one while “other” evil, librul “media outlets have ignored it.” To discuss the “lack of coverage” was Doocy’s guest, Dan Gainor, who is one of Brent Bozell’s boys at the right wing “Media Research Center.” Naturally, Doocy didn’t reveal the political orientation of the MRC. Steve excitedly said that Fox ran the clip of the scary black dudes who “had nightsticks” and “were to some people” (“Some People” LOL how Foxian!) “threatening people coming in to vote.” Doocy, in his high pitched whiny voice, asked “how come hardly anybody has covered this story except Fox News and some people on the internet?” (Of course, we don’t know that for a fact but if Fox says it, it must be true, right?) Gainor said that “this moncler jackets is how the old school media loses all their credibility” and then proceeded to demonstrate what a right wing hack he is by promoting Adams’ propaganda that “this is one of the most obvious and simplest violations of federal law that he encountered in his career moncler outlet store.