Among Xers, born from the mid 1960s to the mid ’80s, nearly 80

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Ninety per cent of boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, worked with people their own age. Among Xers, born from the mid 1960s to the mid ’80s, nearly 80 per cent are working with their own age group. And of millennials, in their 20s and 30s, 82 per cent are working with their cohorts.

The shy Russian Zaitsev said he will send the souvenir puck home. He had to wait as Pittsburgh challenged goal interference by James van Riemsdyk before getting to celebrate. Coach Mike Babcock, whose club was able to achieve its six point minimum goal with the win and a lot of single points on the five game segment that ended with Game 30 had a lot to like..

Two of those drivers were in the top 10: rookie Erik Jones was third and Chase Elliott was eighth.Blaney joined Ricky Stenhouse Jr. And Austin Dillon as first time Cup winners this season.”We can finally add our name to that group,” a beaming Blaney said.Harvick, the 2014 champion, knows the new generation is coming on strong.”These young guys have to get into victory lane to get these fans that don’t like me and Kyle,” he said. “The younger crowd has to win, and today Ryan was able to do that, so not only is it good for him, but it’s good for the whole sport.”Blaney had a brief chat in victory lane with one of his best friends and fellow driver, Darrell Wallace Jr.

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We splurge on $12 green juice and $6 kombucha because drinking it makes us feel good. Trying the $18 bowl of poke at the latest raw fish locale is a conversation starter. Organic meat is better for us so we spend the extra cash when we can. Just as I get ready to split, a patina copper disc in the rock catches my attention. I crouch down for a closer look. Coast Geodetic Survey placed this stamp in 1940, using triangulation to survey this section of the coast.

yeti tumbler First teamers who had to clean boots in their day cannot relate to youngsters who do not need that kind of work. Youngsters on 20,000 per week cannot relate to seniors who once scraped money together as apprentices. Money is no basis for common ground. yeti tumbler

I love this time of the year in fact, I love everything about the Christmas season. I enjoy decorating the house with the many festive Christmas decorations. Seeing them is like visiting with old friends; each of the decorations and ornaments has a history of its own.

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