All three women told stories of going to games as young girls

Nothing turns on TVs like a snow game. People in Florida stare at the TV as though they’re looking into a snow globe. One of the enduring images from the game you mentioned was of the punt falling from the sky and then sticking in the mud without as much as a wiggle of movement.

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wholesale nfl jerseys CHICAGO (AP) The Latest on Chicago’s parade and rally honoring the Chicago Cubs’ first World Series championship in 108 years (all times local):The number comes Friday afternoon from Melissa Stratton, the spokeswoman for the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications. It includes everyone who lined the parade route and the crowd who attended a rally at Grant Park.Among those in the crowd at Grant Park were four generations of Laura Lewis’ family, including her 70 year old grandma, her mother and her son. All three women told stories of going to games as young girls and continuing the tradition with their families.The family gathered pieces of the red and blue parade confetti to send to Lewis’ sister in Japan.Second baseman Ben Zobrist greeted fans at the Chicago Cubs’ championship rally with his World Series MVP trophy.Zobrist told fans that it was «definitely a team award.» He said that the Cubs are «a team full of MVPs» and Chicago is «a city of MVPs.» Zobrist said the players were confident until the Cubs fell back three games to one in the World Series to Cleveland. wholesale nfl jerseys

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